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Club Resources

This section provides information and resources to support clubs in their day to day functioning including providing policies and procedures as well as information related to opportunities to support registered clubs.  The information is broken down into the following topics: 

  • @SACT News-  The latest news and resources meant for clubs.  This includes reminders, resources, and upcoming opportunities.  
  • Club Listing- Links directly to a full listing of all active registered clubs at Rice.
  • Club Registration - Provides directions regarding club registration and renewal.
  • Club Resources & Event Planning: Information about resources at Rice, where to book rooms, how to do advertising, risk management information, and more. 
  • Forms: Links to forms related to club events and planning including room reservations, risk management, registration, travel, and sponsoring events with minors can be found here.
  • New Club Process Links to the registration process for new clubs and has the forms necessary for updating your clubs information
  • Risk Management: This is a resource page for clubs to utilize in supporting their efforts to risk manage their activities and events.  There are questions of things that clubs should be considering as well as resource listings by topic. 
  • Sponsor Resources: Resource page for sponsors regarding expectations and resources.
  • Treasurer and Financial Resources for Clubs:  Information for all club members related to financial resources including tips regarding C-Funds and BANNER usage as well as ideas for fundraising, grant opportunities, and Student Activities President's Programming (SAPP) Fund to support events and ideas.